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YOGA is where my trip to Ibiza began back in 2013.  I only knew Ibiza was an island in the Mediterranean and a part of Spain.  I happen to come here during a Kundalini Yoga retreat with my former teacher from Los Angeles, as a stills and video producer for the retreat and also as a guest.  What an introduction to the island, it was October! No clubs, no traffic, no trash, no anything, just peace and quiet. 

My first 10 nights in Ibiza I stayed in a beautiful Blakstad finca called Shunya near Benirras. Farm to table organic breakfast and dinner every day.  My first cafe con leche was at Can Curune. My first beach actually was the one outside Babylon Beach in St Eularia, and in the first 10 days of my first time ever in Ibiza I was taken on a walk to Atlantis by Toby from WalkingIbiza™.  I was blown away by the sheer beauty of the dunes and the mountain, the ocean with its pristine and intense blue waters, just magical (and Zero tourists in sight). 

My first party was at Bambuddha Grove during Halloween, if you have been here in Ibiza long enough, you know it is probably one of the best parties of the year, if you like that kind of partying of course, its for the "locals". Anybody who is "anybody" will be there, its like a family gathering and a celebration after the intense summer season, a lot of fun!

For the past 4 years I have been getting around the island by LandRover, by foot, by scooter, by Renault4, by hitchhiking, by walking, by bicycle, all over! I know the map of Ibiza like the palm of my hand and I have seen many many roads and places that not even people living here for the past 30 years have had time to visit. I love this Island. I am your Ibiza guide for the alternative side of paradise.

Also over these recent years I have had the privilege to photograph private events such as James Blunt's wedding party and a hen and stag party where I photographed Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran jumping into the waters of Formentara from a anchored Yacht.  Its quite special in Ibiza when in a winter night at your local bar you meet  people such as Boy George's Saxophone player Mr. James Vargas or when at your local cafe you always bump into Prince's lead guitarist Mr. Miko Weaver and you have actually seen him play and sing a rendition of Purple Rain at this great local jazz joint called Chet's in Santa Eularia.  I love music so things like this have an impact in my life.

Ibiza isn't all about electronic music, even though this is what it seems since the 80's and 90's until now.  It is all changing a bit, there is a "new wave" of consciousness, biological foods, eco-tourism, adventure sports/fitness and healing are a huge part of the Ibiza lifestyle now a days.

Anyway back to my photography, I have photographed the sheep in the campo, stray cats like my famous "Sandokan" cat print, my friends dogs and many other subjects such as "iconic" people and also some of my favorite subjects which are Farmers on vintage Tractors, Ruins (old homes) and Balsas (which are the old pools used for irrigation/farming) you can view and purchase my limited edition prints inside my Ibiza Vibe Gallery

I've photographed in occasions Iconic people such as "Francisco"  the quintessential hippie and party expert. The guy is just the dude. He is even featured in an Advert for the new club "Hi!" owned by Ushuaia.   I first bumped into him 4 years ago at a private villa party at Casa India in Roca Llisa (what an amazing villa, its in my top 20)  I had a top 10 list, but I had to extend it.    4 years later, I've seen him living under a tree in Dalt Villa, I've had lunch with him at Comidas San Juan, he's been sleeping at my friends sofa, we hung at at Las Dalias, had some beers at Sant Jordi, the dude is everywhere, you cannot avoid him. I'm sure you will see him somewhere during your Ibiza stay no doubts.

Now a days I'm quiet active in the nature tourism scene, which includes guiding hikes with Walking Ibiza™, tour cycling with the Magical Mystery Tours. I've cycled the whole island since April of last year, I put like 5,000km on my vintage Peugeot steel racing bike. 

I'm also giving Earthing Walkabouts™ which is about mindfully walking barefoot and connect to nature, its very healing and strengthening. And the newest and coolest thing is that we can go ParaGliding with the Club de En Vuelo Ibiza Paramotor, we can "Fly over Ibiza", woohoo pure adrenaline!

Ibiza is the land of an open heart/mind and full creativity where anything is possible. Just do it!

You can follow me on Instagram: @GatoIbiza and check out my blog Gato Ibiza on Tumblr,  for all details about my Adventures in 2017 and beyond!  Looking forward to hear from you all and enjoy the Ibiza VIBE! <3

peace and love,

Gato Ibiza


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