You take special care of the hair on your head, you also need to take care of that face hair! Ibiza Blend Beard Oil is the perfect and completely organic product for that unruly, itchy face fur.

Ibiza Blend Beard Oil was created out of necessity, living the winter months alone growing a beard (it was being covered in many men magazines thinking it looked manly and cool I decided to try). After 2 weeks the itch started to set in and I was getting a bit crazy and wanted to quit (shave) but I started to research what would help! “BEARD OIL” but where do I buy in Ibiza?? So I ordered online from UK but I wasn’t very happy with the product so I started to look at different ingredients that benefit skin and hair. Visiting natural and organic shops on the island I started my experiment with ingredients on what I believed would help me and after a short time I found what I liked.

Other friends and acquaintances started to grow beards and they asked me where did I buy the beard oil I used? My reply was “I make my own, you can try it if you want” the response I received was surprising as they thought it was a great product, even my barber at the time stopped using the Tom Ford beard oil he had to use mine on himself and his clients and he said “This product is fantastic you have to produce it”.

So that’s where it started my journey to a beard care product, fine tuning the product itself, then the brand image and the longest part was the process of having a tested, legal and officially registered cosmetic product was almost a 2 year process and still on that journey to bring it to a bigger audience.

Beard oil is used from the first week when growing a beard to keep the growing hair healthy and the skin protected and moisturised so you’re not suffering with under beard acne and that terrible itch that causes many to shave and sadly abandon a beautiful man mane. 

Our Beard Oil is composed of 4 liquid carrier oils and 3 essential oils of which you use a small amount (4-10 drops) in your beard and on the skin underneath. The oils we use are all 100% organic there are ZERO additives so it is completely natural for any fine specimen of a bearded man. (Though some women I know use it in the hair also, one asked if she can use it on here Chihuahua! But I said just in case probably not)

Ibiza Blend Beard Oil is a meticulously hand prepared and measured mixture of Grape seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Golden Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E Oil that absorbs quickly and gives your beard a nice shine.  These specific oils were chosen for their direct benefit to hair and skin, making it a great leave in conditioner for your beard, but also for your face – keeping it moisturised and free from beard itch. The essential oils used were chosen not just for the benefits to the beard but their links to our island of Ibiza.

Some benefits of the oils in Ibiza Blend Beard Oil:

Grape Seed Oil: Non-Comedogenic (It doesn’t clog pores or hair follicles) Known to treat acne, tighten skin by restoring collagen, has high benefits for hair growth.

Almond Oil:  Hypoallergenic (safe for all skin types) Highly anti-oxidant properties to protect from Oxidative stress and UV damage. Maintains hair stress and protects from hair loss.

Golden Jojoba Oil: Antibacterial that controls bacterial growth in hair follicles and anti-inflammatory agent that soothes irritated skin and can control acne (perfect to help new beard growth)   

Vitamin E Oil: Provides necessary moisture as well as oxidants for intense healing of skin ‘your beard foundation’ and stimulates hair growth for a thicker, stronger beard.

Lavender Oil: Restores skin complexion and reduces acne, reduces anxiety and emotional stress, helps sleep, alleviates headaches.

Bergamot Oil: Anti-biotic and disinfectant, anti-depressant and Analgesic.

Peppermint Oil: Anti-itch, helps hair growth, sinus care, allergy relief, natural energiser and a natural bug repellent.

It will also help keep stray hairs in line with a decent comb (handmade comb NEVER machined) and make your beard soft and manageable (which is super helpful when the wife/girlfriend thinks a beard is too scratchy, as everyone is surprised how soft it is to the touch).

Now I am working on a Beard Balm which is a product used for longer beards to create a shape and lasting hold but I will not release it until I am 100% happy with it like I am with the Beard Oil and who knows with women also using the product I maybe looking to expand into that side of the market too.


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