Audace Manifesto

Audace Manifesto is the creative world of two sisters. They believe that dressing is one of the most creative ways to express our personality.

Following their cyclic souls, childhood memories and present mood, they create eclectic clothes, a mix of Avant Garde, purity of lines, bohemian influenced by seventies' psychedelia and rock'n'roll. Vintage, leather, handcrafted textures and moving fringes, lace, silk, sheer flows cotton dresses and vintage folk jewelry.

For the lovers of the Mystic, the romantics, the wild ones...

Audace Manifesto means being Bold, Bold as Love.

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Audace Manifesto

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    Amazonia Kaftan


    <p>Amazonia Kaftan<br></p><p>The basic&nbsp;of our fringed line . This effortless fit kaftan is made of a very soft 100% viscose, featuring fringes on sides and a boat neck,&nbsp;you can dress it up matching it with roman heels, or the tipical Spanish yute platforms or dress it down with&nbsp;&nbsp;boots and handmade accessories.&nbsp;</p><p>We make all fringes by hand cut!!</p><p>100% viscose</p>

    Amazonia Poncho


    <p>One of the most wanted of our fringed line, this Poncho is perfect for a festival style look, featuring fringed&nbsp;opened sides&nbsp;and a fringed v neck. You&nbsp;can tied&nbsp;the fringes of&nbsp;both sides on the waist or wherever you want to hide or show parts of your body<b>.&nbsp;</b></p><p>It&#39;s perfect for a party or to go to the beach club,&nbsp;match it with flat sandals or boots, a belt and bikini or underwear. Some feathers would make your very Ibiza style look.&nbsp;</p><p>We cut&nbsp;all fringes by hand !!</p><p>90%viscose</p><p>10%lycra</p>

    Amazonia V Neck Kaftan


    <p>Very similar to the Amazonia Poncho, this Kaftan is closed on the&nbsp;sides, featuring a V fringed neck and&nbsp;straight hem under the knees. You can tied the fringes of&nbsp;both sides&nbsp;&nbsp;to add some playful&nbsp;movement to your look.&nbsp;</p><p>Wear it with boots, flats or heels.&nbsp;</p><p>We cut&nbsp;all fringes by hand !!!&nbsp;</p><p>90% viscose</p><p>10% Lycra&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

    Anaïs bodycon mini dress


    <p>This long sleeve mini bodycon dress is gonna blow everyone&#39;s mind when&nbsp;you turn around!&nbsp;</p><p>One of our essentials, this dress features a close front neck and a plunging opened back with an antique tribal jewel detail, each piece is one of a kind due to this little treasure we add to it.</p><p>Perfect for a very special ocassion to feel yourself classic but extremely sensual and feminine.&nbsp;</p><p>90% viscose</p><p>10% lycra</p>

    Anaïs Maxi Dress


    <p>This long sleeve maxi&nbsp;&nbsp;bodycon dress is gonna blow everyone&#39;s mind if&nbsp;&nbsp;you turn around!&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;One of our essentials, this dress features&nbsp;a close front neck&nbsp;and a plunging opened back, perfect for a very special ocassion&nbsp;to feel yourself classic but extremely sensual and feminine.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>90% viscose 10%lycra</p>

    Anita Tie-dye Kaftan


    <p>The perfect kaftan to feel good and comfy moving around the beach club, pool or at your house.</p><p>This open sides kaftan is dyed with natural colors and it features a scoop high neck and wide shoulders... we love wearing it with gladiator style flats and a&nbsp;cool swimsuit.</p><p>Each piece is unique and slightly different due to the natural dye and different tiedye techniques.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>90% viscose / 10% lycra</p><p>*hand wash cold</p>

    Ave María Maxi Dress


    <p>This Maxi dress&nbsp;inspired in a Jane Birkin&#39;s dress is an Ode to the feminine power and sensuality.... &nbsp;we called it Ave Maria due to the&nbsp;very Mystic feeling we had when we saw the first of them done...&nbsp;&nbsp;featuring a femme silhouette with a deep plunge in the front showing your belly button and decored with an antique oriental jewell piece, high back, and foot hem.</p><p>You can match it with roman flats or high heels, bracelets, ankle bracelets, loose messy hair or a braid and nude make up...&nbsp;</p><p>you can choose between the plane black jersey, cream cotton crochet or black cotton crochet.&nbsp;</p><p>90%viscose 10%lycra Or&nbsp;</p><p>100% cotton&nbsp;</p><p>*hand wash cold&nbsp;</p>

    Birth of Venus Silk Kimono


    <p>Each one of these kimonos is unique, we&#39;ve specially selected the 100% silk to create them. It is the perfect piece to add some life to your outfits, they are flowy and dance as you walk.</p><p>We love wearing them with pants or cut outs... or in the house as our mother used to do...</p><p>Our kimono features a bell sleeve up to the wrist, so your bracelets can be seen, and have a feet length hem.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>100% silk</p><p>*hand wash cold</p>

    Blow dress


    <p>The one and only, this dress is Audace Manifesto&#39;s essential since the brand&#39;s first collection...</p><p>It&#39;s absolutely versatile, a very casual yet sensual dress, easy to wear with flats, boots or high heels.</p><p>It features a high neckline and plunge armholes up to the waist, deep v back,&nbsp;softly tight and side vents, the hem reaches to feet length.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>90% viscose / 10% lycra</p><p>*hand wash cold</p>

    Bold as Love Maxi


    <p>Inspired by Halton&#39;s&nbsp;dresses that we love but with a twist, these maxi dress is&nbsp;perfect for a not so elegant but still elegant event.&nbsp;</p><p>Featuring a Halter neck, laced up on the back , tapered waist&nbsp;line and flowy long skirt.</p><p>Match&nbsp;it with our Tanya body.</p><p>100% polyester French lace.&nbsp;</p><p>One size only.</p>

    Carne Tremula  short dress


    <p>One of our beloved Essentials, this loose fit over the knee dress features&nbsp;a cut out back and high neck. Perfect to wear with boots for a very effortless&nbsp;kind of grunge look or high heels for a more casual but dressed up look.&nbsp;</p><p>Try it on with lace underwear to add some texture. &nbsp;All cuts are made by hand !</p><p>90% viscose/ 10%lycra</p><p>*hand wash cold</p>

    Carne Tremula Maxi


    <p>This one and only black &nbsp;Maxi dress is the favorite of our Carne Tremula line, which is characterized by hand cut manipulation of&nbsp;the plane fabric, the result is amazing , giving some movement and 3D texture very playful with the body shapes.&nbsp;</p><p>The dress is an effortless silhoutte dress, with slits on both sides and dropped armholes, high neck and high cut out back .&nbsp;</p><p>You can wear it with high heels,&nbsp;boots or flats. And try a&nbsp;black lace underwear or body to add an extra texture .&nbsp;</p><p>90% viscose /10%lycra&nbsp;</p><p>*hand wash cold</p>

    Dark Side Set


    <p>One of our favorite creations ever! This set is featuring a black front and back opened Maxi dress made of a sheer black gauze and a tight mini high waisted skirt. &nbsp; This Maxi is made to distinguish you in a very special occasion.&nbsp;</p><p>100% viscose (dress)</p><p>90% viscose 10% Lycra (skirt)&nbsp;</p>

    Gypsy Eyes Dress


    <p>Irresistible black&nbsp;lace mini dress with an&nbsp;opened lace-up front, &nbsp;perfect to wear with your most beloved underwear and boots. Match&nbsp;it with a leather belt and &nbsp;our pendulum set necklace for a more mystic look.&nbsp;</p><p>100% polyester French Lace.</p>

    Gypsy Goddess Poncho


    <p>The perfect piece to be naked but covered... this cotton gauze kaftan is made by a sheer soft cotton featuring a plunge v neck in front and back and open sides. Each piece is hand dyed and unique in its color.</p><p>Wear it in those moments when you want to feel just sensual but not stressed... we love wearing it for the night with high waist leather pants, a concho belt, a crop top, necklaces, bracelets and boots... as a seventies groupie.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>100% cotton gauze</p><p>*hand wash cold&nbsp;</p>

    Into Mystic Maxi dress


    <p>This maxi dress features a cut out on bust and waist and strappy low back, wide long skirt.... perfect if you have small bust. &nbsp;You can dress it down with flats or boots or dress it up with heels. Add some bracelets for a dramatic look.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>100% soft touch poli&eacute;ster&nbsp;</p><p>*hand wash cold</p>

    Kimono Tie-dye


    <p>This beautifully hand dyed kimono is perfect for a beach day, a side pool party or to wear it with your cut out and boots.</p><p>Each piece unique and hand dyed with natural dyes.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>90% viscose / 10% lycra</p><p>*hand wash cold</p>

    Lolita mini dress


    <p>Mini mini dress with a scoop neck in front and a scooped low back, tight fit,&nbsp;sensual, perfect to wear at its own or as an under dress.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>90% viscose / 10% lycra</p><p>*hand wash cold</p>

    Moss Maxi dress


    <p>This minimal long sleeve dress features vents on both sides from&nbsp;waist to bottom.&nbsp;Like a 90&#39;s supermodel&nbsp;you are gonna make everyone die with the playful movement of the skirt as you walk.&nbsp;</p><p>Wear it with a belt and a tight mini skirt for a complete look.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>100%viscose</p><p>*hand wash cold</p>

    Opium Dream Maxi dress


    <p>Queen of the brand, this Maxi dress features a lace&nbsp;up detail from neck to belly button in front, and lace up on back. Tight fit up to the hips line.</p><p>Femme fatale reinvented... you can dress it up with heels and a party clutch or dress it down matching it with a fringed purse, bracelets, gypsy jewelry and boots or flats.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>90% viscose / 10% lycra</p><p>*hand wash cold</p>

    Opium Dream mini dress


    <p>Same as its mother the Queen, this mini dress features&nbsp;a lace&nbsp;up detail from neck to belly button in front, and lace up on back. Tight fit up to the hips line and flowy skirt.</p><p>Perfect for a festival look matching it with boots,&nbsp;packed with bracelets, messy hair and feathers.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>90% viscose / 10% lycra</p><p>*hand wash cold</p>

    Tanya Maxi dress


    <p>This Oh so beautiful Maxi dress features a gathered halter neck with&nbsp;a leather braid &nbsp;which&nbsp;ties around&nbsp;the neck. &nbsp;The low scooped back reaching your hips line&nbsp;is the key of this femme fatale late 70&#39;s inspired Maxi.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>90% viscose&nbsp;/&nbsp;10% lycra</p><p>*hand wash cold</p>

    Top Moon


    <p>Long sleeve crop top, made of a thin viscose jersey. The perfect basic for high waisted jeans, skirts or to wear underneath a&nbsp;slip dress.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>100% viscose</p><p>*hand wash cold</p>

    Verushka dress


    <p>Gauze kaftan with opened sides and beautiful hand beaded strips on sides and shoulders.&nbsp;</p><p>Perfect for a party casual look&nbsp;matching it with chunky boots or dressed up look with heels. You can wear it with a nice culotte&nbsp;and skivvies.</p><p>100% viscose - glass beads</p>

    Wild Bird Maxi


    <p>Inspired by our mother&#39;s petticoat collection, this French lace Maxi with plunging neck line, thick straps and slip-on style flowy&nbsp;silhouette,&nbsp;is perfect to wear&nbsp;with boots,&nbsp;heels or flat sandals&nbsp;and a beautiful underwear ... try how a vintage belt looks on it and add some vintage necklaces or a choker for a more dramatic style.&nbsp;</p><p>100% polyester French lace&nbsp;</p>

    Wrap Maxi dress


    <p>This is a twisted wrap Maxi dress, featuring long sleeves and a plunge front. Made of a soft and thin&nbsp;viscose, it is perfect to wear with a lace&nbsp;bra or bustier... you can breathe a&nbsp;Hollywood divas&nbsp;Film Noir aura&nbsp;while&nbsp;wearing it.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>100% viscose&nbsp;</p><p>* hand wash cold&nbsp;</p>