Pearls of Mu

Muriel, designer of PEARLS OF MU, displays hes fabulous jewels, hand-crafted in Ibiza with beautiful Mallorca pearls on leather. With simple designs but nevertheless worked with intelligence, skilfully and originality, its jewels have attracted our attention and seem very appreciated by the jetset and the peoples described as "trendy" wearing its collection coming directly from the Ibiza island.

Worldwide recognised as a bohemian place with a fashion style of hippie-chic, Ibiza is the ideal place to showcase the beautiful Mallorca pearl, and his spiritual style gives it a touch of "new trend".

This combination with leather and its multiple knots, mixed with sublime pearls with changing reflections gives to the collection PEARLS OF MU all the elegance and atypical appeal that will soon dress all women.

The pearl, round and sparkling, is a testament to women's beauty adapting to any style and situation, as well as personality or way of life. 

It is an unchanging and timeless sign of feminity.  

As Coco Chanel once said: “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls!”. Lady Sarah Churchill felt undressed if she didn´t have her pearls on, and Jackie Kennedy said that pearls are always appropriate.  

Soft and voluptuous, modern and eternal, updated according to the trends of the season. The pearl makes its big comeback and must have a place of choice in your jewelry boxes.

Muriel Martin proves to you, by his serious and creative work, that the style of Ibiza and the beautiful Mallorca pearl will make you travel.

Personal Conclusion : Passionate about jewelry and having always lived near the sea, there was nothing more obvious than for me to create and design my own pearl jewelry collection. Pearls of Mu was born when 8 years of experience in the luxury jewelry industry blended with my love for the island of Ibiza. Collection designed and hand made in Ibiza, it is the trendiest Ibiza collection! 





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Pearls of Mu

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     All turn Baroque Mallorca Pearls and leather bracelet


    <p>Classic all turn 12 Mallorca pearls (diam.12mm) bracelet with a triple leather knot in between each pearl.</p><p>All colors available to match any necklace of the collection.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

    3 or 4 Black Tahiti Pearls Short Necklace


    <p>Necklace photo 1 : is made of 3 front Tahiti pearls on slidding leather 179&euro; . Necklace photo 2 : is made of&nbsp;3 front dropping pearls + 1 pearl at the closing 229&euro;. Black Tahiti pearls necklace on leather string.&nbsp;Price depends of the qty of pearls. Size&nbsp;pearls:&nbsp;10mm.</p>

    After-beach Baroque Mallorca pearls short Necklace - mini plastron


    <p>Short neckace made of 21 Mallorca baroque pearls diameter 10, and leather.&nbsp;Back closing 2 lenght.</p>

    Baroque Mallorca pearls long necklace / belt


    <p>Long Mallorca pearls necklace (pearls color white or grey diameter 10mm) on natural or brown leather string. Hand made in ibiza.&nbsp;The must have of the summer, can be wear as a belt , there is a closing (2 positions) and an adjustable slide to fit your size. Summer best seller .</p>

    Black Tahiti pearls necklaces on leather string


    <p>Tahiti black pearls,&nbsp;diameter: 10mm, color: shade of greys. Long necklaces made of 5 or 7 tahiti pearls (299 or 429 Euros) . Set it up as you wish:&nbsp;3 positions suggested on photos.</p>

    Black Tahiti pearls sautoir on leather string necklaces


    <p>Differents designed long sautoir&nbsp;necklaces with 10mm black Tahiti pearls on leather string (15 or 17 pearls), price upon quantity of pearls. Back closing , can be wear as belt over the skin.</p>

    Black Tahiti pearls trendy necklaces on leather string


    <p>grappe designed blak Tahiti pearls (10mm)&nbsp;necklaces. &nbsp;11&nbsp;pearls: 6 on&nbsp;grappe,&nbsp;4 on turn around string&nbsp;and 1 pearls closing.</p>

    Body necklace - Baroque Mallorca pearls & leather


    <p>Body ornement necklace or double row long necklace made of 38 baroque white mallorca pearls diameter 10mm</p>

    Boho-chic Mallorca pearls long necklace on doble organza


    <p>Long baroque&nbsp;Mallorca pearls necklace (22 pearls diam 12 mm) on doble organza. Adjustable length on 2x15cm</p>

    Bohochic long necklace with baroque Mallorca pearls on single organza


    <p>Mallorca pearls long necklace on single organza, 20 pearls diameter 10mm,</p><p>adjustable lenght.</p>

    Mallorca pearls short Necklace - hand crafted collection


    <p><span style="font-size:12px;">Chic and Discret&nbsp; </span>short Necklace with 9 Mallorca&nbsp;pearls (diameter 12) barroque style on&nbsp;leather strap.&nbsp;Triple knot each side of the&nbsp;pearls.&nbsp;Very elegant with simplicity,&nbsp;Unusual and perfect necklace for any dress situation. Front closing.&nbsp;Hand made in Ibiza with Mallorca pearls. Available in 5 colors pearls.(Sun Glasses:&nbsp;Imoon&nbsp;glasses)</p><p><br /><br />&nbsp;</p><p><br /><br />&nbsp;</p><p><!--EndFragment--></p>



    <p>The must-have in Ibiza this summer</p><p>long necklace with cutivated fresh water pearls and feathers</p>



    <p>Cultivated fresh water pearls</p>



    <p>The must-have in Ibiza for this summer. &nbsp;Trendy&nbsp;cultivated fresh water pearls&nbsp;necklace&nbsp;</p>